Trevor has made a life and career being surrounded by the sights and sounds of food and drink. Never mind that he comes from a long line of restauranteurs, more importantly, he believes that we are all connected through our dining experiences. He’s spent the last 20 years producing thousands of event experiences as an executive for major entertainment venues, top-tier hotels & casinos for the likes of heads of states and Hollywood starlets. A diverse builder of innovative implementation, brand marketing, operations and ground-zero build outs, he likens a good, honest meal on a street corner than being too tied down to a corporate boardroom. He’s a lover of the story and seeks motivation and inspiration with each bite and sip around him. Involved in several entrepreneurial ventures, Trevor sheds his daytime suit for an apron and knife as co- creator and Culinary Director of Toronto’s foremost and renowned brands, Kanpai Snack Bar, Yatai Japanese Street Food, La Brea Food and the soon- to-come Tori Alley Bird. In addition, Trevor is a frequent consultant, speaker & editorial contributor to industry publications and business forums. He has also provided promotional ambassadorship to numerous consumer brands. Look out for Trevor’s next project to add to his #soulfulfoodstories and join him on his culinary journey.

We are a lot more similar and connected than we give ourselves credit for. The dining table is the last safe space for us to share and build memories with every sip, bite and interpretation of our heirloom recipes. Let's cherish these moments together.