Ho Mei Joy Spice




FINISHING SPICE? What started off as the secret finishing spice to thousands upon thousands of fried chicken pieces transformed into an all-star spice. This action-packed spice is now battled-tested as a great rub, marinade accouterment, cooking seasoning, finishing spice, and even to top off those fresh-popped kernels.  Those who know will be able to hone in on those familiar Asian notes. A dash to the dish, the way it was intended.


UNAPOLOGETICALLY ASIAN- A perfectly balanced formula of several classic Chinese components rolled into one complete space.  There are generations of stories in these dashes from restaurant kitchens and home pantries alike.


SERVED WITH – Try it as a dry rub marinade for grilling, wokking, or even BBQ. Or dash it here and there in your cooking process or fresh on the plate. So delectable in everything from fried chicken to nacho chips and popcorn.