Ho Mei ‘Guilt-free’ Batter



This is the famous batter that started it all.  Now, the best in-show fry batter can grace your pantry. 


SO CRISP & SO CLEAN – Our renown, gluten-free batter mix is pre-mixed and ready for at-home use.  Formulated with non-gluten starches, without sacrificing that crunchy goodness and those familiar delicious notes that thousands love.


BATTER FOR THE PEOPLE – Imagine, a fried batter for everyone. Whether it’s fried chicken or fried mushroom caps, you can serve this up to everyone at the table, and all can enjoy the famous flavour together.


THIS BATTER RUFFLES MORE THAN FEATHERS By definition, this all started as a fried chicken batter. The same gluten-free batter that produced a couple of “Best of” awards.  But we decided to go deeper, we tested this on everything from chicken to squash and sweet potato.
Believe it, it’s goodie-ready for all types of proteins and veggies alike.


TIP – For the best batter, mix one (1) cup of Guilt-Free batter with one (1) whole medium eff and 1/3 cup of water. Mix thoroughly and dredge your ingredient of choice and fry in neutral oil.   Check out the Original TFC recipe on page 83 for Trevor’s Double Happiness cookbook!