Double Happiness Tea Pack



Signed copy of the acclaimed “Double Happiness Cookbook” by Trevor Lui and a choice of one tea from his newest premium tea line,”Yum Cha”.

Choose from AGED PU-ERH (Black Pu Erh), TI KWAN TIN (Oolong), PURE ENERGY (Yerba Mate).


Yum Cha translated means to “drink tea. ” In Chinese culture, it is an essential part of self-cultivation and a tie that binds people together. It opens our hearts, clears our minds, and frees our souls. Enjoy these carefully curated teas and the unique benefits that come with each blend.


AGED PU-ERH TEA | From the wild tea forests of Menghai – the birthplace of tea. This large leaf varietal has been aged to produce a thick, black, rich and sweet tea. Intense earthy aromas and the distinct scent of freshly harvested sugar beets make this a bold Pu-erh. Pu-Erh has been credited with the ability to lower and manage cholesterol.


TI KWAN YIN TEA | Famous China oolong. Fragrant scents of wild orchids are predominant in the first infusion that changes into a toasty and more robust flavour later on. Beautiful representation of an oolong. Oolongs have traditionally been used in Chinese medicine to help with weight loss.


PURE ENERGY TEA | Awesome and energizing Mate blend. Yerba Mate is loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. This tailored blend combines the sunny flavours of pineapple, citrus, and mangosteen. Great afternoon “pick me up” or morning tea.